dandelion healing homeThe Dandelion is a sacred space. It is a place to discover yourself and bring about change in your life on a personal, emotional, spiritual, physical, and community level.

The Dandelion has deep roots into the earth by which you are supported. The Dandelion is a space of growth, discovery, movement, healing, challenge, patience, and beauty. When you enter the Dandelion you become connected to, confronted by and exposed to the challenges in your life. When at the Dandelion you are challenged to dig deep, to see beauty and to gently and lovingly let go of that which is no longer needed. The Dandelion accepts you in your fullest potential, in your deepest beauty, in all of your stages of growth, in your most delicate state, in your strength and determination, and in your resilience. It brings out the child in you, so you can play and accept life in its simple beauty.

We welcome you to the Dandelion Healing Center