Ideal Protein Now Available at The Dandelion!

Ideal Protein is a medically designed and professionally supervised wellness protocol. This muscle sparing, fat targeting weight loss protocol was created for athletes in France over 20 years ago. The Ideal Protein protocol has a beginning and an end. You will not only take the weight off and become healthy, you will be shown how to keep the weight off for good!

  • Decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels!
  • Prevent and reverse Type Two Diabetes!

“I was very pleased with the results when I went on the program in the fall, and the weight I lost is still off, even over Christmas! Also, my chronic hip pain and stiffness has dissappeared since doing the protocol!”

“This is a great tool to get unhealthy eating in check. I encourage anyone who has been thinking they’d like to lose a few pounds and become healthier to check it out.”

Ideal Protein information evening

Monday June 24, 7pm – 8pm

In the Group Room

Please call or email to register




Come out for this free information session and talk to our team of coaches, try the products and get started with your new healthy lifestyle. There is no obligation to sign up, but for those who do, receive 20% off your initial startup.

To learn more about Ideal Protein click HERE